Streamlined and Efficient software systems for the construction Industry

ICSD began developing software for the construction industry in 1990, and what began as small discrete applications requested for specific tasks, by some Builders and engineers, expanded to encompass all facets of Rate Analysis, Estimation, Costing, Materials management, Accounts management, Site Management etc., for building construction. This software was then also purchased by various Government departments like PDAs, Municipalities etc.

Later an Automated Clients correspondence and accounts management software package was Designed and Developed for use by Builders.

Both the aforementioned software packages have been utilized since 1997.


A software product that prevents huge overruns in construction costs, by providing simplified Estimation and Costing, Materials flow tracking, and an efficient Site monitoring and management system. The software provides a user friendly interface that can be used even by non- engineering staff.

Auto Track 4.0

A software product that can save lacs of Rupees by providing Automated Correspondence and Accounts Management segments, that facilitate timely receipts from clients. The software also provides an efficient sales interface for prospective clients, and a clients additional requirements [fixtures and fittings] billing and monitoring system.

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